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Bootleg billions

Here comes that sales tax meme again. But whereas last year New York was losing $500 million a year in tax revenues due to trafficking of counterfeit trademark goods, this year that number seems to have doubled, to $1 billion … Continue reading

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Yes, its true, it’s true, it really is. And you had to hear about it from someone elses web diary! Apologies. The winter is officially over; we’ve had our first visitors. It’s true. Bizarre, odd, quite nice to see friendly … Continue reading

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Credit cards

The reason there was barely a recession at all following the US stock-market meltdown of 2000-2001 is usually explained by talk of "consumer spending". It would probably, however, it would be more accurate to thank credit cards instead. Most consumer … Continue reading

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Richter at Dia

I went back to Dia:Beacon on Sunday, one of those wonderfully clear and bright winter days which New York seems to specialise in. The light was streaming through the huge windows, and the John Chamberlain sculptures literally glowed. All great … Continue reading

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I got fried today. Toasted, roasted and turned on a spit. Or at least my face did. For a team of caucasians who haven’t seen the sun for six months, and, when they have, have had every inch of flesh … Continue reading

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MoMA’s $20 admission

Greg Allen has thrown down the gauntlet. Give him a "well-argued explanation of the damage incurred by $20 tickets and what MoMA could/should realistically do to remedy it," he says, and he’ll give you a pair of free passes to … Continue reading

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Post-winter trip

Post-winter trip I: Ropes and Rumples So, I’m back! Fully rested and relaxed, we had a great time away: a lot of playing, a bit of learning, lots of new sights and a refreshing time off base. A break for … Continue reading

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Windy Bay

I’m lying on the snow, emperor penguins all around. Once you get used to the sight, the sound and then smell are probably the most noticeable things. The constant cooing, deep throttle cooing: da da da daa di da da … Continue reading

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