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Solar energy in California

California, we were repeatedly told during the gubernatorial recall election last year, is largely ungovernable. The reason? California’s version of direct democracy, with an initiative process which has been hijacked by special interests, means that there’s very little discretion in … Continue reading

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Corporate profits

I got an email this morning pointing me to an entry at the Washington Monthly weblog, which essentially excerpted a longer post by Brad Delong. The heart of the argument is a graph, showing how corporate profits are going up, … Continue reading

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Writing from Halley

It’s a been a busy day by Halley standards. We’ve had just a mere glimpse of the speed of things back home and are retreating back into our shell. To plot. It’s a nice shell, it’s safe and warm and … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Jake Dobkin

I’ve long been a fan of Gothamist: in my very first BlogWars posting, I anointed Jen Chung Queen of the Blogosphere, with a superior site to Gawker and The Kicker. A few days later, in BlogWars III, I said that … Continue reading

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An Average Day

While writing my weekly letter to my Granny yesterday, I found myself stumped for words. Stumped for material more like. What to say? Nothing has changed since last week, there is no news to report. It’s still cold, it’s still … Continue reading

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White collar crime in the New York Times

I was wrong: my report on the death of the New York Times magazine was, as they say, exaggerated. In fact, the latest issue is the best magazine of any description I’ve read in many months, if not longer. There … Continue reading

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Luxury buildings

I’ve long had an interest in what was going on at 90-96 Clinton Street, between Rivington and Delancey. For a long time it was one of the neighbourhood’s better 99-cent stores, before a long demolition job started which carefully left … Continue reading

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It’s been a while – thanks for prompting me. I have no excuses except to say I’ve been working on the Halley May webpage which I hope you’ll enjoy. A refreshing change from my usual drivel, this one contains loads … Continue reading

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