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Gerhard Richter

There is very little in the way of curatorial interjection in MoMA’s Gerhard Richter retrospective. There are only two wall texts: one at the beginning, saying, essentially, that writing about Richter is futile; and one half-way through, giving the necessary … Continue reading

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Michael Finkel and the New York Times Magazine

As any regular Romenesko reader knows, the New York Times Magazine has fired a contributing editor, Michael Finkel, for using "improper narrative techniques" in his profile of a Malian teenager who worked on a cocoa plantation. The basic facts of … Continue reading

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Kinsley on mammograms

Michael Kinsley is no longer editor of Slate. He gave up that post amidst rather a lot of publicity last week, saying that he would continue at the online magazine as a columnist. That was good news: Kinsley, when he’s … Continue reading

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Lord of the Rings

I guess it’s partly my fault: I made a bet with Stefan just after Lord of the Rings came out, and as part of that bet I promised him that if the film got nominated for either Best Director or … Continue reading

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Books and Chomsky

Cast your mind back, if you will, one month. The bestseller lists at the time were dominated by right-wing screeds; Michael Kinsley even wrote a column about it, which is helpful, because we can use it to remember where those … Continue reading

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Air travel redux

Last Monday, I flew to New York from Toronto, where I’d gone to watch my sister become a Ph.D. I was booked onto a 9am flight, but I got there early enough that I had time to make it onto … Continue reading

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So I got something approaching a proper reply from (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I wrote about it in January, but suffice to say that they promised me a free-for-life email forwarding service, and then told … Continue reading

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The New York Times Magazine this weekend has an interesting, if slightly confused, article about how self-esteem is overrated. It’s based on research by, among others, Nicholas Emler of the LSE and Roy Baumeister of Case Western Reserve University. Here … Continue reading

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Brian McNally is a smart guy. He’s got a new restaurant open in the East Village, and he’s working the media as masterfully as ever. This time, post-9/11, the spin is that it’s low-key, it’s not about the glitz and … Continue reading

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