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Classical music criticism

One of the best things about being me is that I have a very cool grandmother who takes me to Glyndebourne every summer. (She herself hasn’t missed a season since she first went at some point in the 1930s, I … Continue reading

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I am becoming a little bored of being electrocuted every time I open the fridge door. Or, for that matter, touch a handrail before climbing steps into a building. And then I get a shock, once indoors, when I hang … Continue reading

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Public art

A few months ago, a series of blue boxes appeared in the World Financial Center marina. If you walked past them, you’d realise they were making funny noises. It turns out that they were a site-specific art work by Bruce … Continue reading

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Blithe Young Tories

One of the funniest scenes in the new Stephen Fry movie, Bright Young Things, happens when one of the eponymous socialites, played by the fabulously-named Fenella Woolgar, fails to recognise the Prime Minister when he joins her for breakfast. It’s … Continue reading

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WTC worries

I’ve long been a cheerleader for the WTC redevelopment. Even when others started griping, I was still optimistic about the prospects for the site and the likelihood that it could become a vibrant and world-beating neighborhood. In recent days, however, … Continue reading

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Waiting for fabulous things

Today is the first day of New York Fashion Week, when the world’s fashion industry descends on Bryant Park for a sleepless round of shows, parties and gossip. The magazine industry loves it, of course, with the September issue of … Continue reading

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Waking Up

It has felt like waking up out of a dream, that slightly hazy feeling after a crazy night out, a little disorienting, stretching, opening eyes, rolling over again and returning to the comfort of covers. Dizzy and perplexed, happy memories, … Continue reading

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