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Who designed the WTC memorial?

One of the more intelligent comments about the World Trade Center memorial competition – I can’t seem to find who said it, right now – was that with some 5,200 entrants, the winning design would not be one individual’s uncompromising … Continue reading

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Long-form reporting in the New Yorker

In his profile of Larry David in this week’s New Yorker, James Kaplan finishes with an anecdote. David is sitting in his editing suite, working on a scene where he gets egged by a carful of teenagers. He can’t work … Continue reading

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Week One at Halley!

It seems to me that a day lasts a week down here, and a week lasts a month. But time doesn’t drag, it’s chock to the brim, and there’s barely time to breathe. But when you do breathe, it’s stunning, … Continue reading

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Victims’ families

Wednesday’s Guardian led, reasonably enough, with the suicide of Harold Shipman. The headline, though, splashed across the front page, was peculiar: "The final betrayal". Here’s how the story started: Just after 6am yesterday, Harold Shipman, described as a man addicted … Continue reading

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Maybe they can sign up Britney as a spokesperson!

We’ve known for a while that the Bush administration’s fiscal policy can roughly be summed up as "throw money at anything that moves; reduce taxes on anything with money". But this really takes the biscuit: the White House has now … Continue reading

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On the ice at last: it’s all go!

Happy New Year, Happy Christmas, and thank you to all who have left messages here or sent emails. It’s lovely to receive word from home and from friends, and amazing to think that folk out there are reading this stuff! … Continue reading

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Hey! It’s a brand-new Dey!

The New York Post has a great scoop today about the new Santiago Calatrava PATH station at Ground Zero. Unfortunately, the Post spins the story as being about Libeskind’s Wedge of Light: the headline is "PATH Plan May Dim Libeskind’s … Continue reading

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