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The new New York

New York is changing. It’s getting smaller, friendlier, less corporate, less ostentatious and maybe even a little bit more geniune. The stock-market bubble has burst, the economy is turning rough, and people are less interested in what you do, more … Continue reading

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Bush on Iraq

After the build-up, the speech. And, against all my expectations, Bush played a blinder: he actually lived up to the hype. The awkward Bush of the Presidential campaign, with his bizarre pauses in the middle of sentences and omnipresent smirk, … Continue reading

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personal: atmospheric antarctic science

So you’re all asking about science, I get the hint! Not my favourite topic (especially amongst friends), as you know, but, just this once, I’ll try and tell you what I’m doing here. Or meant to be. For those of … Continue reading

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Zakaria on Iraq

Fareed Zakaria, one of the best commentators on international affairs, has now written a very peculiar column in favour of a war in Iraq. He runs through all the reasons why it could be a disaster (Saddam torching oilfields, provocation … Continue reading

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Powell on Iraq

It’s obviously the season for major speeches from the Bush administration. Last Thursday, Paul Wolfowitz gave a very hawkish address to the Council on Foreign Relations, and tomorrow George W Bush himself will give his State of the Union address, … Continue reading

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AOL Time Warner and publishing

Once upon a time, business visionaries could look at companies as diverse as AOL and Time Warner and see synergies there. One provided content; the other the means to drive that content to consumers. But those days are long gone … Continue reading

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Wolfowitz on Iraq

I went to the Council on Foreign Relations today, for a "policy address" (I guess that’s one notch up from a common-or-garden speech) by deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz. It was obviously part of a concerted effort by the White … Continue reading

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January 20th already!!-personal-

My goodness! Has a week gone by already?! Where did it go?! How can it be that the days are so long, so very long that this morning feels at least two months ago, but the weeks are so short? … Continue reading

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The IHT is dead! Long live the NYT!

Last November, the New York Times played hardball with the Washington Post and forced the Post to sell its 50% share in the International Herald Tribune. The conventional wisdom at the time was that the Times wanted to create what … Continue reading

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Felix’s guide to using MetroCards

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, better known to New Yorkers as the MTA, is proposing to abolish subway tokens as part of its drive to help close a budget gap of $2.8 billion (or $951 million, depending on whom you believe) … Continue reading

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Charlie Kaufman films and digital video

I’ve been to a lot of films recently, and I don’t have the time, I’m afraid, to write about them all. But I would like to try to correct what seems to be a general misconception that the cool new … Continue reading

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Why Bush should ignore the stock market

To keep my mind sharp, I like to spend a certain amount of time reading bloggers with whom I disagree, such as the estimable 2 Blowhards and the slightly less estimable Andrew Sullivan. Sullivan’s not so hot on rhetoric, but … Continue reading

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Personal: January 10 2003!

Okay, Okay! I hear you all! Thankyou for the wonderful emails that have been coming in..and sorry for my laziness in replying. I shall try to do better next time! And the questions, I’ll try to answer. It’s difficult though. … Continue reading

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Apple’s new objects of desire

Steve Jobs, Apple’s $1-a-year CEO (not including the 10 million shares and $90 million corporate jet that the grateful board gave him for turning the company around) excelled himself in showmanship yesterday. He was giving his annual keynote address, which … Continue reading

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Catch Me If You Can

I saw Steven Spielberg’s new movie, Catch Me If You Can, last night. Today, I went back and watched it again. I never do that. It’s a fantastic film, I urge you to see it, and I urge you to … Continue reading

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Personal Exupery

My mum sent a few gifts with me to open as and when. One of these was my childhood copy of The Little Prince.This morning, having celebrated throughout the midnight sunlight, I greeted the new year in with this treasure. … Continue reading

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