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Amanda Hesser

"Poor Amanda Hesser" has got to be in my Top Five list of Food-Related Things I Never Thought I’d Say, along with "Ken Friedman’s music policy is beloved of both the New York Times and Charlie Rose" and "soy products … Continue reading

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Buying and selling bonds

Back in February 2001, Deutsche Bank was very bearish on a major US telecommunications company. In a credit review, the bank’s analyst said that "per concerns/trends summarized above, [the company] will be downgraded,"adding that "we seek a cap at the … Continue reading

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Igloos, hot-tubs and jingly janglies

I had the longest bath of my life last night: eight hours in a steaming hot tub, to make up for all the baths I haven’t had in the past six months and won’t have in the next year. It … Continue reading

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Irwin at the Guggenheim

It’s Art Week in New York – a bit like Fashion Week, only bitchier. The Whitney Biennial‘s just opened, the Armory Show is upon us, and -scope is setting up shop on 9th Avenue. The upshot is that there’s more … Continue reading

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Really Silly Syndicators

Those of us who subscribe to the brand-new Slate RSS feed got an update this evening: a new story had been added to the website. Now Slate doesn’t actually put the content of its stories into its RSS feed, but … Continue reading

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Kerry’s flip-flops

So. It’s Bush v Kerry, and the battle lines have already been clearly drawn: flip-flopping Massachusetts liberal vs strong leader with moral clarity. And for all that Kerry might be leading in the polls at the moment, I agree with … Continue reading

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Art and technology

Arts bloggers love to get all techno-utopian about the way in which advances in technology, especially the internet, are wonderful for the arts. I’m far from convinced: I think technology can cut both ways. Take recorded music, for example. The … Continue reading

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