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Rhian leaves Immingham

It’s blogtime again! I’m sailing on the RRS Ernest Shackleton from the UK to Antarctica via Uruguay, Falklands, Signy and South Georgia. We left yesterday and are due to arrive at Halley around Christmas. And that’s just the journey to … Continue reading

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Reporting simple news

Howell Raines, the former editor of the New York times, recently said that the biggest threat to US journalism was news pieces which betray a political point of view, the way things are done in Britain. (The story was reported … Continue reading

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Applause between movements

Terry Teachout chimed in yesterday on one of those low-level debates which never seems to get resolved one way or the other: whether it’s a good or a bad thing to applaud an orchestra between the movements of a concerto … Continue reading

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Credit counselling services

The New York Times fronts a story today on not-for-profit credit-counselling services. Here’s the nut graf, which comes very high up for a NYT piece: The investigation could jeopardize the agencies’ nonprofit status and upend the industry just as a … Continue reading

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2 Columbus Circle

Sunday is clearly the day for long-windedness in the New York Times. The paper leads with a 9,500-word investigation of the Lackawanna terror case (don’t ask me), complete with a 1,300-word kicker. And on the op-ed page, we’re subjected to … Continue reading

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Schwarzenegger wins

In the end, the election wasn’t a farce. Everyone thought that Arnold Schwarzenegger would win with fewer votes than Grey Davis, and that didn’t happen. In fact, it looks as though he got an outright majority of the votes, despite … Continue reading

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Blogging is hard

Publishing on the internet has never been as easy as the techno├╝topians would have it. (This week, I’ve decided to maximise my use of the diaeresis: see this MemeFirst entry if you want to know why.) And after fiddling around … Continue reading

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School of Rock

OK, it hasn’t been the best year for movies. But it’s still worth noting that the two best films of the year thus far have been PG-13 romps aimed at children and their parents. After the box-office phenomenon that is … Continue reading

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