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Libeskind wins

It was a close-run thing, but Studio Daniel Libeskind has won the competition to design the new World Trade Center site. Today was probably the biggest day of his career, but he got there not through shameless self-puffery, as some … Continue reading

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Personal: End of season

It’s the end of the season at Halley. You can feel it in the air. The 14 people who are staying for the winter want us to leave. They want their home back and the job to begin in earnest. … Continue reading

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American Airlines sucks

I haven’t had a lot of luck with air travel of late. My flights always seem to be delayed – and for some reason, when a flight is delayed more than half an hour, it always turns out to be … Continue reading

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The Oscar nominations

I haven’t seen much in the blogosphere over recent days on the subject of the Oscar nominations. I’m a little surprised, since the big news is the way in which New York has triumphed over Los Angeles. Every Best Picture … Continue reading

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A cruise around the New York blogosphere

You probably didn’t notice, but I recently restructured my website. Entries which used to have unwieldly URLs like now have nice simple addresses like – a change which has more than simply cosmetic benefits. Now, I can check … Continue reading

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City of God

At the beginning of City of God, the critically-acclaimed new movie about the slums of Rio de Janeiro, a young thug in the eponymous neighborhood is showing off his footwork to some younger kids. As he kicks a football from … Continue reading

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personal: Feb 8th, 2002

I haven’t written for a while; the Halley summer season is nearing an end and I’ve finally been able to start work in the CASLab. Plus, a huge storm is spiralling above us and the weather has turned truly antarctic. … Continue reading

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The two WTC finalists

The cliché about things designed by committees is going to have to be rethought. The committee in charge of deciding what’s going to be built on the World Trade Center site today announced its two finalists – and they were … Continue reading

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Space exploration

Anybody with an interest in space exploration has known, pretty much ever since the Columbia first launched in 1981, that the space shuttle was, scientifically speaking, a white elephant. It was designed as a workhorse capable of taking large loads … Continue reading

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