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Penguin Soup and Dozer Wars

Well, the title says it all really. The cute fluffy penguins are all dead now and Halley has been transformed back into a construction site full of boys and their tonker toys. And it’s still a great place to be. … Continue reading

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Hirst’s shark

The Shark is coming to New York. According to the Telegraph and the Evening Standard, Larry Gagosian has finally succeeded in brokering the deal we first heard about back in December. Charles Saatchi will sell The Physical Impossibility of Death … Continue reading

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Sweden and theWashington Consensus

Both Paul O’Mahoney and Stefan Geens link to a piece by Daniel Brook in Dissent magazine entitled "How Sweden Tweaked the Washington Consensus". It’s mainly interesting, I think, for confirming Stefan’s prejudice about leftists and their degree of understanding of … Continue reading

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I’m writing to you on a Sunday afternoon, the rugby on, fairly loud, in the background. South Africa v Ireland: surprisingly up-to-date by Halley standards as the game was only played about 2 months ago. It must be summer. This … Continue reading

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Jason Calacanis stands up to bullies

Jeff Jarvis says that Jason Calacanis is "the single most competitive person I’ve ever met," and quotes an email from him claiming "3-4x the traffic of gizmodo" for his rival gadget blog, engadget. (According to Alexa, engadget’s pageviews are just … Continue reading

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232 Broome Street

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine. "You know everything, Felix," she said, perspicaciously. "Instead of buying a loft, would it be cheaper to buy a loft building and then convert it into lofts?" The answer, … Continue reading

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