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Grade retention

When Texas governor George W Bush was running for president, we heard a lot about "compassionate conservatism," but rather less about what it actually meant. The one thing which did emerge from his handlers’ interference, however, was that Bush was … Continue reading

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New York as dysfunctional Latin American nation

When I’m not blogging, I spend quite a lot of time writing about Latin America. Latin Americans generally have political systems based on that of the USA: a powerful president with checks and balances provided by the legislature and the … Continue reading

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Raising Victor Vargas

I usually feel a strong affinity for films which are set in my home cities – Mona Lisa, say, or anything by Woody Allen. New York has way, way more than its fair share of indy filmmakers, so a lot … Continue reading

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Cirque du Soleil

I saw my first ever Cirque du Soleil show last night. Imagine that – 31 years old, and somehow I’d managed to avoid it until now. Snob that I am, I expected mass-market middlebrow entertainment, and went as much out … Continue reading

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Woody Allen’s Writer’s Block

Woody Allen has directed his first play, and it’s currently in previews at the Atlantic Theater Company in Chelsea. Actually, Writer’s Block is two plays: the first an absurdist take on marital infidelity set on the Upper West Side of … Continue reading

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Topic [A] With Tina Brown

Magazine editors are behind-the-scenes people, rather like central bank presidents. They should appear in public as little as possible, and, when they do, keep their mouths shut. Anna Wintour, of Vogue, has the right idea: only appear behind dark glasses, … Continue reading

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