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Notes on reading the New York Times personals section

1. There are ten columns, and five categories. "Women seeking men" takes up 8.5 columns; "Men seeking women" takes up slightly less than one; "Men seeking men" is about half a column. "Women seeking women" and "Recreation and hobbies partner" … Continue reading

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Sleaze in the UK and USA

The USA is the world’s greatest democracy, right? It has a written constitution incorporating all manner of checks and balances which largely preclude the sort of sleaze allegations which have plagued Cabinets both Tory and Labour in recent years. As … Continue reading

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Lulu at the Met

I’ve just come back from a performance of Berg’s Lulu, at the Metropolitan Opera. It’s a great piece, of course, although weirdly much of the audience didn’t seem to think so: it was noticeably thinner by the end than it … Continue reading

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How the mighty are fallen

What do Goldman Sachs, CSFB, and Salomon Smith Barney all have in common? They all came in somewhere below Rothschild’s in the European M&A advisory league tables for the first quarter of 2001. The Guardian knows where the story is: … Continue reading

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Twisted ankles and jerking knees

Not exactly known for sensationalism, the British Journal of Sports Medicine has just published what sounds like a very interesting study showing that among amateur basketball players, those who wore shoes with air cells in the heel (that’ll be Nikes, … Continue reading

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Noticed two extremes in anonymous sourcing in daily newspapers today, both annoying. The first comes from the Guardian: A source close to Mr Smith said he understood that the museum, which incorporates the South Kensington Museum, the National Museum of … Continue reading

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