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Google IPO questions

I’m a financial journalist, but I’ve never pretended to understand the stock market. Bonds, yes; stocks, no. A recent Reuters story, for instance, includes this bizarre segue: “In a deal like that where it’s priced for perfection, anything that occurs … Continue reading

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A triptet for Thirty

house-party I’m having a party tonight and you’re all invited. I hope you can make it – it would be cool to see some new faces for an evening, a novelty you could say. Not that we’re bored of the … Continue reading

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The WTC panel

I wasn’t the only person to get up early in order to go to a "professional forum" at the Center for Architecture in Greenwich Village on the subject of the World Trade Center site. The auditorium was packed, mostly with … Continue reading

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Gwathmey on Meier

The August issue of Vanity Fair – not online, of course – runs a letter from superstar architect Charles Gwathmey, responding to an article the magazine ran in June about Richard Meier’s Perry Street towers: I was disappointed by the … Continue reading

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We’ve had some beautiful skies lately. Fire red. What’s another word for sky? That whole space, dome, all the air, that void around you, the entire thing, the bell, the hemisphere is seems, fills with red. Excess light from a … Continue reading

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Cassis on Stone

I love New York Restaurant Week: just last week I had an absolutely stunning lunch at Aureole, with fantastic wines and great service, for a fraction of what such an experience would normally cost me. Unfortunately, NYRW has spoiled me … Continue reading

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How many people read Gawker?

Überblog Gawker is running a house ad between the fourth and fifth entries on its homepage. "SPONSORSHIP" it says: "Gawker, part of the largest weblog media group, reaches over 600,000 media junkies each month." This comes as something of a … Continue reading

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Trips out and mid-winter

I’ve been out and about lately and it feels good. Nothing as exotic or high speed as what you folk out there in the ‘Real World’ can do I admit, but a kilometre away from the base makes all the … Continue reading

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Before Sunset

I’m probably biased, but I’ve always considered Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise to be a film which is loved by those who have seen it, and hated by those who haven’t. Linklater is one of the most interesting American directors working … Continue reading

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