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Crappy financial journalism

A couple of news stories today piqued my interest with unsourced statements about financial markets which didn’t make a lot of sense to me. First of all there was a column by Ed Dravo in Slate, which said that When … Continue reading

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After spending two and a half weeks wandering around Japan, I am, naturally, an acknowledged expert on all things Japanese. Not. All the same, working the "fresh pair of eyes" principle to its bones, I’ve decided to list here some … Continue reading

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I do love it here. It’s so vast, so expansive, never-ending. We were talking about Space earlier, and going to the moon (was it a hoax, wasn’t it? The first time I’ve not found myself surrounded by die-hard conspiracy theorists … Continue reading

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A few years ago, my mum and I went to Africa. The desert, and the ocean, have called her for years. I guess Antarctica is the perfect cross between both. Anyway, we found ourselves being driven across the desert in … Continue reading

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Out of Blog AutoReply

This website is going to be very quiet for most of the month of April, as Felix Salmon goes on holiday to Japan. Sorry about that. Also, for blogspam reasons, I’m not letting anybody comment on this website while I’m … Continue reading

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