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This website is going to be very quiet for most of the month of April, as Felix

Salmon goes on holiday to Japan. Sorry about that. Also, for blogspam reasons,

I’m not letting anybody comment on this website while I’m away.

If you need to get in touch with me, my normal email inbox is likely to fill

up very quickly, so use japan@felixsalmon.com


I’m also going to leave you something to keep you busy while I’m gone: I give

you the synopsis, you tell me what the opera is. This is for real, and not an

April’s Fool. The person with the first right answer (by email, trackback, snail

mail, whatever) gets a lunch at a restaurant of their choosing. It might take

a while for us both to be in the same city, but I promise I will pay up eventually.


The Old General bemoans his unrequited love for the Princess, who is in love

with the Young General. He knows that because the Young General is not of

noble blood, the two will never be able to marry.

The King and Queen enter, in the wake of a magnificent victory by the Young

General. The King offers the Young General a reward. The Young General in

response reveals his love for the Princess. Upon being denied, the Young General

plots revenge.


The Young General and the Princess decide to elope to his fortress, but are

interrupted by the Imperial Guard, and have to fight. During the battle, they

manage to escape and reach the fortress.


The Old General turns up at the fortress. The Young General trusts him, but

the Princess doesn’t. The Young General reveals his plans for revenge to the

Old General, who immediately leaks them to the Royal Army. Betrayed, the Young

General is doomed, and he and his beloved Princess commit suicide by poison.

Good luck – I warn you, it’s not easy!

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