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Michael Wolff’s speech

Professional media gadfly Michael Wolff delivered the opening keynote address at the 2005 SIIA Information Industry Summit in New York at the beginning of February. Hundreds of digital content professionals heard his speech; it caused a bit of a stir … Continue reading

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Has Gawker jumped the shark?

Gawker jumped the shark today. I don’t think it’s the fault of its two new editors, Matt Haber and Jessica Coen, both of whom are talented and funny writers. Nor do I blame Lockhart Steele, the new editorial director. No: … Continue reading

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Watching eight sno-cats leave the base in convoy this morning was very impressive. Eight fully loaded sno-cats, each towing a sledge piled high and a few passengers inside, off to meet the ship 50 km away. The trip will probably … Continue reading

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The Gates

Anyone who has moved from Europe to New York knows that one of the most dazzling things about this city, quite literally, is the winter sun. We Europeans are used to drab, gray winters, where the few hours of purported … Continue reading

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If there’s one overriding reason why Steve Jobs has been a huge success at Apple, it’s that he has managed to demolish the old truism that Apple =Mac. Nowadays, in the eyes of the general public, Apple is much more … Continue reading

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