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It’s hard to find halfways-decent magazines these days, and when, like me, you’ve gone on one airline journey already this month, the range of reading materials at Orange County airport can start to look rather thin. Which is how I … Continue reading

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Journalistic innumeracy, cont.

I’ve written before about journalists and statistics, but a couple of recent articles in America’s paper of record, the New York Times, make it worth banging this particular drum a little bit more. First of all, Rick Lyman, the Hollywood … Continue reading

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Literary financial journalism

Chalk this one up for the annals of self-defeat: it won’t take long before the tireless spiders of Google chance upon this posting and thereby rid my favourite web page of its punch. ‘Your search – “literary financial journalism” – … Continue reading

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Spider-Man and Hollywood Ending

They’re both franchises. Spider-Man, in his various incarnations, and Woody Allen, in his, have been around seemingly forever; both, too, are identified with New York City. Both released films on May 3, and both films are pretty much as you … Continue reading

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