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Science (or, should Rhian write a book?)

I want to write about science. Well, I don’t really, I’m dragging my heavy arms to the keyboard, I have surfed every website I can think of, I have even done the washing up. It’s not that I don’t like … Continue reading

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When we become what we formerly scorned

I had this very conversation just yesterday, when my friend Ephrat came over at lunchtime with a tailcoat she’d embroidered for my upcoming wedding. But today Lindsay has nailed it with a bile-filled stream-of-consciousness rant which I sympathise with 100%. … Continue reading

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Barney Calame, the toothless ombudsman

The top brass at the New York Times must be ecstatically happy about their new ombudsman. Far from making use of his privileged position to speak truth to power, Byron (Barney) Calame seems to think that his job is to … Continue reading

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