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For Some, the Blogging Never Stops

TO celebrate four years of of writing about blogs, Kevin McKenna, the editor of the New York Times Circuits section, and his deputy, Henry Fountain, recently spent a week working wirelessly from Bryant Park. Early on the morning of their … Continue reading

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Air travel

Something went wrong somewhere along the line. Fifteen years ago, if someone told you that they’d never been on an aeroplane, you’d be a little surprised, a little sorry for them; but at the same time, you’d also feel a … Continue reading

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Towards a Radically Contingent Destination

In the post-war years, it was quite common for a gentleman to eat at his club every day, never varying his routine in the slightest. Members of the following generation rebelled somewhat against such habits, cutlivating a menu of restaurants … Continue reading

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Friends, I wish to bring up a question I find most vexing, a question I shouldered yesterday at the same moment as I raised my Japanese golfing umbrella to the heavens in the face of an unexpected rainstorm. Now as … Continue reading

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