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It’s been a while (over six years, to be precise), but I think I’ve been living in New York for long enough now that I can finally weigh in on the subject of Britain in general, and London in particular, … Continue reading

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MemeFirst responds to Puma

MemeFirst has responded to Puma’s cease and desist letter. Trademark lawyer Martin Schwimmer was kind enough to draft a response both for us and for AdRants, and you can download a PDF file of it here. If you don’t want … Continue reading

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Bush and Beckham

It is the eve of war, and the mood of the world is sombre. Some developments have been heartening. In the UK, the resignation of Robin Cook and today’s debate on going to war have shown the world British parliamentary … Continue reading

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Puma’s cease-and-desist letter

Memefirst received an official (and officious) letter from Puma today, telling us to "IMMEDIATELY cease and desist from all further display, use and publication of the offensive PUMA image". Why are they shouting? Why is "immediately" in all caps? No … Continue reading

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Rhian in Cambridge

I wake up in my bed. It’s a beautiful spring day. The cat greets me. I have a shower. The phone rings. I eat something and drink something. There is a computer upstairs with internet access. I can leave the … Continue reading

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The fake Puma ads

Yes, they’re fake. They have no connection with Puma at all. They’re not real ads tweaked in Photoshop, they didn’t run in Brazilian Maxim, they’re not viral marketing by a top-secret Puma subsidiary. They’re fakes, and Puma doesn’t like them … Continue reading

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personal: Back on the Shack

It’s the rockiest day on the ship so far. Between this and last night’s revelries, I don’t suppose there will be many faces appearing before lunch. Or for most of the day for that matter. Best to lie low, stay … Continue reading

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Bush’s press conference

The leader of the free world gave his second prime-time press conference today, and the world, or at least the US, was watching. For the best part of an hour, George W Bush basically ignored whatever questions were asked of … Continue reading

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Frank Zappa

Music has been becoming increasingly Balkanised for many years now. From the days of Gregorian chant to the present, there’s been an almost teleological progression: the number of different types of music has increased, while the audience for any given … Continue reading

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