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The NYPD is out of control

After the Critical Mass ride, I suspected it. The following day, I thought it might just be a bike thing. But events today have made it clear: everything we thought we knew about the NYPD’s ability to manage protest is … Continue reading

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Blowy Snowy Day

I really can’t believe it’s September tomorrow. But I have no frame of reference either. I guess at home you’ll be watching the leaves become less green or recently-born animals becoming be less cute. You can feel it in the … Continue reading

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Scenes from the protests

A nice balmy summer’s night – perfect for a group bike ride around New York City, no? I thought so, anyway, so I joined about five thousand other like-minded bicyclists at Union Square this evening for the monthly Critical Mass … Continue reading

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Zen Ice

I’m not sure if Emperor Penguins are right at the top, or the very bottom, of the karmic evolutionary scale. "Who would be an emperor penguin?" has not been uttered infrequently around here lately. Abandoned to the loneliest, coldest and … Continue reading

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Blodget on Google

I was never a big fan of the Google IPO. I didn’t understand it when it was announced, and it looks even more stupid now that the prime reason for doing it – allowing big VC investors to monetize some … Continue reading

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had brunch with my friend Geoff today, and he turned to me and asked: "does Rhian ever have a day where she just goes to work, rather than being blown away by the fabulousness of where she is?", Felix told … Continue reading

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I left the lab late today, around 9:30 pm, but it had been a productive afternoon so I bore no grudges. A nice little blast of work to clear my conscience for the weekend. Truth be told I haven’t done … Continue reading

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