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Cassis on Stone

I love New York Restaurant Week: just last week I had an absolutely stunning lunch at Aureole, with fantastic wines and great service, for a fraction of what such an experience would normally cost me. Unfortunately, NYRW has spoiled me … Continue reading

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Amanda Hesser

"Poor Amanda Hesser" has got to be in my Top Five list of Food-Related Things I Never Thought I’d Say, along with "Ken Friedman’s music policy is beloved of both the New York Times and Charlie Rose" and "soy products … Continue reading

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Depuy Canal House

Onwards with the Californification of the Hudson Valley! Last weekend, I visited a small out-of-the-way food fair there, but still the local cheeses were $20 a pound, and you really don’t want to know how much the goat sausages cost. … Continue reading

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Schiller’s Liquor Bar

(Warning: this posting assumes a pretty detailed knowledge of bars and restaurants on New York’s Lower East Side. If you don’t either live here or frequently visit Below 14th, large chunks of it might well make very little sense.) Keith … Continue reading

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Aureole Las Vegas

I’ve just got back from a trip to Las Vegas – what a city! I went for my birthday, and one of the highlights was a trip to Aureole Las Vegas for my birthday meal. Although I’m really not qualified … Continue reading

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The new New York

New York is changing. It’s getting smaller, friendlier, less corporate, less ostentatious and maybe even a little bit more geniune. The stock-market bubble has burst, the economy is turning rough, and people are less interested in what you do, more … Continue reading

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the girl and the fig

Sonoma county, just north of San Francisco, has to be one of the most expensive places in the world. Basic B&Bs cost about $200 a night, with a 2-night minimum at weekends, while small vineyards go for millions. When I … Continue reading

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Brian McNally is a smart guy. He’s got a new restaurant open in the East Village, and he’s working the media as masterfully as ever. This time, post-9/11, the spin is that it’s low-key, it’s not about the glitz and … Continue reading

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Are New Yorkers becoming Parisians? It started in my friendly local bike shop, Bike Works on Ridge St. Me: Hi there. Me: Hi there. Me: Excuse me. Man: (Looks up.) Me: I was wondering if you had any bike helmets. … Continue reading

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