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Coming to America

Back in the olden days, American immigration protocols were little more than a punchline for the bien-pensant: the way that you always had to answer the question about whether you were, or ever had been, a member of the Communist … Continue reading

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I went up to Dia:Beacon last month, and wrote it up for Loft magazine, available in English at all good Miami newsstands. For those of you without easy access to a Miami newsstand, however, here’s the article: enjoy! Since long … Continue reading

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Girlie Mags and serious journalism

Seth Mnookin had quite a scoop yesterday: it looks like Penthouse is about to go under. Apparently Friday’s paychecks were slashed by 75%, and the parent company’s long-precarious finances have never looked worse. The latest issue of Penthouse could be … Continue reading

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Pyramid schemes in the Spectator

Back from holiday (which is why this is the first blog this month) and catching up on recent blogs, I find the normally well-above-my-head Charles Stewart link to the latest cover article in the Spectator with a single word: "Unbelievable". … Continue reading

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