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Memory can play nasty tricks on one. I "discovered" Anthony Lane long before Tina Brown, for instance: he was the film reviewer for the Independent on Sunday before he moved to the New Yorker, and I always loved his reviews … Continue reading

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Gays in The Wall Street Journal

It’s Pride Week this week, that time of year when opinion-formers’ minds turn to the status of gays in society. And helpfully, the Wall Street Journal editorial page is here to give them a little pastoral guidance. [The narrowness of … Continue reading

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Sexy Beast

Sexy Beast is the latest British import to get rave reviews among the art-house crowd, and it’s obvious why: it features first-rate performances from two of England’s best film actors (Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley). Kingsley is astonishing as an … Continue reading

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Towards a Radically Contingent Destination

In the post-war years, it was quite common for a gentleman to eat at his club every day, never varying his routine in the slightest. Members of the following generation rebelled somewhat against such habits, cutlivating a menu of restaurants … Continue reading

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Friendly neighborhood shops

A few weeks ago, I rented a medium format camera and went out shooting bridges at the weekend. I was using slide film, and got the film developed that same weekend; a lot of the shots came out great. So … Continue reading

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