The Oh Sh*t Edition

Slate Money on why pollsters got it so terribly wrong this year.

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  1. Denis Drew says:

    As my old Bronx doctor, Seymour Tenzer, put it: “All these histories are bullshit — I got punched in the chest; that’s why I’ve got a lump.”

    Trump;s victory is down to the disappearance of the $800 job for the $400 job. That subtracted from the vote in the black ghettos – and added to the vote in the white ghettos — both ghettos being far off the radar screen of academic liberals like Hill and O.

    I notice the white ghettos because that is me. My old taxi job (much too old now at 72 3/4) was “in-sourced” all over the world to drivers who would work for remarkably less (than the not so great incomes we native born eked out). Today’s low skilled jobs go to native and foreign born who willing to show up for $400 (e.g., since Walmart gutted supermarket contracts). Fast food strictly to foreign born who will show up for $290 a week (min wage $400, 1968 — when per cap income half today’s).

    Don’t expect the 100,000 out of maybe 200,000 Chicago gang age males to show up for a life time of $400/wk servitude. Did I mention, manufacturing was down to 6% of employment 15 years ago — now 4% (disappearing like farm labor, mostly robo; look to health care for the future?)??

    6% union density at private employers = 20/10 BP which starves every healthy process in the social body = disappearance of collective bargaining and its institutional concomitants which supply political funding and lobbying equal to oligarchs plus most all the votes …

    … votes: notice? 45% take 10% of overall income — 45% earn $15/hr or less — a lot of votes.

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