Britain might be lost, but Trump can still be defeated

Brexit is permanent. Trump, by contrast, can be defeated.

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5 Responses to Britain might be lost, but Trump can still be defeated

  1. Joseph Mcniesh says:

    I voted for Trump! Illegal Mexicans fill up the classrooms at
    Port Richmond HS on Staten Island.
    Teachers have to teach them, and taxpayers pay $10,000 each.

    Also, Cooper Union Hall, at Astor Place, should be DE-landmarked.
    CU could build a new, much bigger building, and still have speakers in the basement.

  2. Joseph Mcniesh says:

    Across the street, the Starbucks building should be DE-landmarked.

  3. Peter Schaeffer says:

    “”These are dark times. The world I live in, it seems, is precisely what the world I grew up in defined itself against. We’ve had our era of global peace and prosperity; now we’re reverting to hatred and nationalism and divisiveness.”

    Presumably the people of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. might not buy that line. Do you think the Yadizis would agree with you?

    Prosperity? Was that meant to be a joke? Medium income is declining in the U.S. (below the 2000 level). U.S. Labor Force Participation is falling (a lot). Wages have (in many) cases fallen back to levels not seen since the 1950s. Of course, welfare, addiction, ODs, and “disability” are soaring.

    Of course, none of that matters to you. Trader bonuses are “back” and the cosmopolitan elite have never done better. If like is great for Marie Antoinette who cares what happens on Youngstown or Detroit.

    “As much as I believe with my whole heart in the European project”

    As in a perfect life for the protected class… And Rotherham, Cologne, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, banlieues, tournantes, Molenbeek, Rosengård, Paris, San Bernardino, Orlando, Nice, Munich, Ansbach, Reutlingen, Bavaria, Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, etc. for everyone else. Merkel/Soros and friends get their gated communities, their bodyguards, their private schools, their exclusive neighborhoods. The people of Europe get the shaft.

    “The lesson of Brexit and of Trump is that millions of citizens react very favorably to the kind of campaign which, quite literally, can’t be waged by any self-respecting politician.”

    If you don’t genuflect before the cosmopolitan elite and their lies, you are not a self-respecting person. Got it.

    “Tommy Craggs is absolutely right that this election was about the most important issues of our time: sexism, racism, nativism”

    A lie that makes the worst of Trump look like pure truth. Trump gains votes with Blacks and Hispanics (lots of them). He won states that voted solidly for Obama. Keep screaming “racism, sexism, nativism, etc.” This “big lie” is way past its sell buy date.

    “2016 marked the beginning of post-truth elections, the point at which fact-checking stopped being able to hold politicians to account and started being a way for hated elites to become even more insufferable. Britain’s “Leave” campaign was built on lies;”

    Trully funny. You do know that Remain was called “Campaign Fear”? Donald Trump told the truth about PC, failed trade policies, failed immigration policies, failed wars abroad, the failure of Europe, a system that made the elites rich and screwed everyone else. Of course, the greedy elites can’t stand the truth.

    “This year was also the year when overt racism, in both the UK and the U.S., went from being fringe to being mainstream. Both campaigns were run on the demonization of people of color, and both countries saw a terrifying uptick in racist attacks following the election.”

    Which is why Black voters shifted massively to Trump… Try getting your lies straight.

  4. Peter Schaeffer says:

    Some quotes from Ann Coulter, tell the truth about this election

    “Americans who make $20,000 a year are made fun of by Samantha Bee for going to Wal-Mart.

    These are all people who will knife one another in the back to get their kids into $50,000-a-year all-white preschools. But they think they’re less racist than other Americans because of their pleasant interactions with Rosa when she comes to clean.

    In the modern Democratic Party, out-of-work coal miners are constantly denounced for their “privilege” by half-black girls at Yale — who wouldn’t have gotten in without the black half and who will be paid a quarter-million dollars as the “diversity coordinator” at some Fortune 500 corporation. ”

    “This is why the snowflakes are smashing windows, beating up Trump supporters and calling for the assassination of Trump and the rape of his wife. If you’ve ever wondered how France’s Reign of Terror happened, observe the anti-Trump protests — the main result of which is to convince people who had misgivings about voting for Trump that they did the right thing..

    Trump is denounced for his alleged “racism, homophobia, sexism, anti-Semitism, Islamaphobia!”

    No one stops to think: Wait a minute! These are all groups Trump has showered with affection, with the exception of Muslim immigrants — who persecute the other four.”

    “All this is the consequence of the Democratic Party’s decision in the 1970s to get rid of all the normal people. Back when the party contained a large segment of the working class, there was a safety valve. They couldn’t afford to be associated with airhead celebrities pushing insane ideas. Mayor Richard Daley, for example, did not travel to Cuba or brag about his friendship with Daniel Ortega. But then the head of the auto union had to be kicked out of the party because he was “anti-choice.” Really? But he’s been a Democrat for 18 years …”

    “Unfortunately, the rest of America wasn’t large enough for Democrats to win elections. So they had to import Third World immigrants to vote for them. Trump’s election is the Doomsday Scenario for Democrats because they were just on the verge of turning the whole country into California through mass immigration. Then they’d never have to think about those hicks in the icky parts of the country ever again. It would be so much better to be able to win elections by whipping up resentment toward white people. Last year, old lefty Bernie Sanders said mass immigration was a disaster for the working class, driving down their wages. He called open borders “a Koch brothers idea.” Representing the modern, yuppified Democratic Party, the low-testosterone boys at Vox went nuts. Dylan Matthews sneeringly cited the many benefits of mass immigration — to wit: cheap gardeners, maids and nannies. He also compared a pro-American immigration policy to the massacre of “10,000 foreign civilians to save a single American life.””

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