That Dresdner report on hedge funds

Dresdner Kleinwort certainly seems to know how to cause a stir! Analysts Stefan-Michael

Staimann and Susanne Knips have put out a 50-page report on hedge funds, warning

of a "great unwind". The report got picked up by Alan

Abelson at Barron’s and by the FT’s Alphaville

and Wolfgang

Munchau. It was blogged by Lars

Toomre and Alexander

Campbell and Michael

Panzer Pazner and Nouriel

Roubini and Naked

Capitalism and literally dozens of others – most of whom ended up

quoting either Alphaville or Barron’s and haven’t actually read the report,

not that that stopped them from praising it.

So, is it time to make this report public, d’ya think? I always feel a bit

uncomfortable when a lot of people all end up quoting the same tiny bit of a

50-page report, without even having had the opportunity to read the whole thing.

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  1. For what it’s worth, I did have a look at the report. Otherwise, thanks for the mention, though I would note that my name is spelled “Panzner,” not “Panzer.”

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