BizDay gossip twofer!

Another Monday, another almost-gossipy piece about the Todd ‘n’ Maria show

on the front page of the NYT business section. Two weeks ago it was David

Carr; today it’s Landon

Thomas, but the Grey Lady remains an expert at what Jack

Shafer would call "walking the cow around the barn":

For Ms. Bartiromo, who accompanied Mr. Thomson last fall on Citigroup’s

corporate jet to a series of client and other bank-sponsored functions in

China, her ability to gain entree into the exclusive and mostly male world

of chief executives and financial titans has made her a valuable commodity

to CNBC.

After Mr. Thomson’s abrupt departure from Citigroup, however, such ties

have raised questions about her closeness to her sources…

Ms. Bartiromo declined to comment for this article. CNBC declined to comment

on whether executives had any discussions with her concerning her relationship

with Mr. Thomson.

Doesn’t the NYT know we’ve moved on, and would much rather read about Anna

Nicole Smith in the Business section rather than Maria Bartiromo? Oh, yes,

it does. Good. I was worried there, for a moment.

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