Earthlink alternatives

Just as my cable-modem bill increased to $42 per month, my cable-modem service

started getting horrible. Connection is very spotty: internet access seems to

come and go on a minute-by-minute basis, and is sometimes very fast and sometimes

incredibly slow. I’ve now started getting weird error pages from Earthlink,

too, like this

one when I try to reach an Amazon page.

So, is there an alternative? Earthlink is nothing more than a rebranded Time

Warner Cable, so there’s no point in switching to Roadrunner. And I don’t have

a landline (I use Vonage), so DSL doesn’t really seem to be an option. Or, is

there a known issue with cable-modem access in NYC which is likely to be resolved

at some point?

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6 Responses to Earthlink alternatives

  1. Gari N. Corp says:

    I must say I’ve found TWC’s broadband pretty reliable out in Brooklyn. And if I recall you’ve had issues with Earthlink in the past… might it not be worth trying to cut out the middle man?

  2. Felix says:

    I think most of the problems with Earthlink are problems with Roadrunner: after all, when I switched from Roadrunner to Earthlink, they didn’t even change the modem!

    And, Roadrunner is $60 per month, just on its own.

  3. Doc Barnett says:

    I had the same problems TW cable Internet (also via a third party), sometimes really fast and other times not working at all. You can get DSL without a landline, and I’ve found it to be much more reliable:

  4. 99 says:

    You don’t have Cable TV, right? My signal visibly degraged a couple months ago. The tech who came by put what I would probably call a noise reducer — there is a signal strenght that goes out by default assumes the is split between the TV and the modem. If you don’t have the TV, the signal, I guess, fries the modem.

    It sounded a little like hoodoo to me, and I still needed a new modem, but it worked out. They also ran new wire from the roof — if you’ve ever checked out the wiring jobs the do, the often will split cables, or you get crimps of other damage. It’s still a pretty mechanical process, so all of this can affect your signal.

    Verizon is supposedly running their fiber in the neighborhood, but it’s nowhere near ready.

    I got a land line (and, wierdly enough, it was the guy who had installed DSL in an apartment six years ago — power of unions for ya), and he was selling the DSL service pretty hard. Numbers have come way up in speed, and you can get it without a landline charge I think.

  5. michelle says:

    Can’t you just piggy back off your neighbors’? Or are they all encrypted?

  6. miss representation says:

    There’s a big mountain between Felix and the rest of Avenue B.

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