Restaurant update

Le Miu. Went there last night.

Just check out the menu here.

We spent rather more than we’d intended. But it would have been worth it if

we’d spent twice as much. Quite possibly the best sushi I’ve ever had in New

York. Make sure you order the salmon toro, and the fluke. Nothing too exotic:

no sign of the freshwater obscurities one used to find at Jewel Bako, say. But

friendly service, magnificent food, and an unpretentious atmosphere make for

the best addition to the East Village dining scene in a long time. When my wallet

recovers, I’m definitely going back – and next time I’m sitting at the

sushi bar, because that’s what this place is all about.

Zum Schneider. Seems to think that

it can prevent eviction by sending a petition to the Supreme Court of New York

City. Huh? Would like some background on this.


e Vino. Can’t get enough of this place. I still think the original, on 1st

and 10th, has marginally better coffee. But the wine here is wonderful, as is

the food, and the atmosphere and service are spot-on. Can’t imagine going anywhere

for a drink or a coffee or a snack else if I’m anywhere near Union Square.

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2 Responses to Restaurant update

  1. michelle says:

    Have you had the chicken sashimi at Yakitori Totto?  I read


    review in the New Yorker and was astounded at the idea of eating raw chicken.

  2. Michelle Vaughan says:

    I would never in a million years eat raw chicken. But I did eat the most amazing raw fish last night with Felix. Le Miu absolutely blew me away, their selection is gorgeous and their sushi is the right ratio of rice + fish.

    Try the special fois gras custard and also the monk fish liver.

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