Frank Stella cashes out of EV for $10m

As I was walking down 13th Street last night, I looked up, as I usually do,

to see if there were any horrendously ugly sculptures on view. For 218 E 13th

Street was for a very long time the studio of Frank

Stella, the great minimalist painter turned dreadful maximalist sculptor.

The studio is part of the same lot as the townhouse at 123 E 12th Street, where

Stella lived.

But now it seems that Stella sold the whole lot in September for $10 million.

The property on 13th Street no longer has any sculptures in it; instead, it

has a sign saying that it’s available

for lease. Looks like the owners were asking $900,000 per year, but will

now settle for $600,000. Apparently it’s "ideal for restaurants, night

clubs, art galleries and home furnishings showrooms".

Meanwhile, the townhouse can be leased too, for $300,000 per year (that’s $25,000

per month) – or you can just buy it outright, it would seem, since it’s


the market separately for $3,500,000. There’s an application in with the

Department of Buildings to split the lot into two tax lots, so that it can be

owned by two different people. Which explains why Elliman doesn’t know what

the taxes on the townhouse will be yet.

Is Walter de Maria, at 421

E 6th Street, the last major minimalist in the East Village?

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