I went to Chubo last night. Just like every

other time I’ve been, the meal was wonderful. The menu is inventive without

being pretentious; the service was friendly and knowledgeable; the food was

utterly delicious. It’s pretty much the perfect restaurant: great food, reasonable

prices, great and not-at-all-expensive wine list, no pretension at all. But

somehow the word is refusing to get out. There were precious few diners for

a Thursday night, and most of the time when I pass the place it looks rather


I’ve probably been remiss in not going to Chubo as much as it warrants: it’s

easy to get caught up in the hype of what’s new and trendy, and forget the pleasures

of repeat business at one great restaurant. But I urge everyone to get themselves

to Clinton Street and check it out: you won’t be disappointed by the food, and

I won’t be disappointed by what looks like an inevitable shuttering if business

doesn’t pick up.

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  1. 99 says:

    That’s good to hear — I always walk by it because I confuse it with Crudo, which I believe was fairly panned by the New Yorker a while back. I’ll definitely stop by and support the locals. I also recommended Piada for sandwiches. The seem to be in the same struggling boat.

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