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The World Trade Center: Even More Downsizing Ahead

Mike Bloomberg comes out swinging in today’s WSJ, and although his main target is the bureaucracy at the Port Authority and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, he doesn’t seem to mind if his blows land on Santiago Calatrava too: Today, … Continue reading

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How Many Architects Does it Take to Build a Bank?

DealBook asked a pointed question yesterday, riffing off a WSJ article: How many investment banks does it take to run an initial public offering? Apparently it’s not only the mega-IPOs, like Visa, which are suffering from too-many-cooks syndrome: even tiny … Continue reading

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Dan Loeb’s Terrace

The main reason to read Paul Goldberger’s article on 15 Central Park West in the new Vanity Fair is for the photos. Here are the developers, posed under the arches on the balcony of the top-floor penthouse — which I … Continue reading

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WTC: Even More Delayed Than You Feared

Alex Frangos has the depressing news: the much-delayed fiasco that is the WTC reconstruction is going to be even more delayed than most of us had feared. The challenges center on the Port Authority’s planned transit hub and the memorial, … Continue reading

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Valuing Modernist Architecture

Dan Gross has a most peculiar column about collectible architecture, something I’ve been writing about quite a bit: Can historic Modernist homes be treasured, shown, and monetized like Warhols and Gauguins? A recent visit to one of America’s best-known and … Continue reading

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The Perils of Construction in the US

Did Goldman Sachs know this when it started construction on its new headquarters? According to Department of Labor statistics, more than three construction workers died per day in 2006, the latest available figures. So far, thankfully, no one has been … Continue reading

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Annals of Port Authority Incompetence, Goldman Sachs Edition

Is there one single aspect of the World Trade Center rebuilding project that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey hasn’t managed to utterly bollocks up? The latest news: New York State, 50% shareholder in PANYNJ, looks like … Continue reading

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Neutra Houses for Sale

Arts blogger extraordinaire Tyler Green has a piece in the May issue of Portfolio on Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann House, which is being sold by Christie’s with an estimate of $15 million to $25 million; I blogged the house myself, back … Continue reading

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JP Morgan-Bear Stearns: Good News for Architecture

In the April issue of Portfolio, Paul Smalera contrasts two new bank headquarters: those of Goldman Sachs, downtown, and Bank of America, in midtown. It’s no contest, really: Bank of America wins hands down. The best news on the bank-headquarters … Continue reading

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Lloyds TSB: Not an Insurer

Let me be the second (after Carrick Mollenkamp) to congratulate Eric Daniels of Lloyds TSB on sidestepping the credit crunch and reporting 2007 profits up 17%. I am a bit confused however why Mr Mollenkamp chose to illustrate his blog … Continue reading

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