Dan Loeb’s Terrace

The main reason to read Paul Goldberger’s article on 15 Central Park West in the new Vanity Fair is for the photos. Here are the developers, posed under the arches on the balcony of the top-floor penthouse — which I suspect is the one belonging to hedge-fund manager Dan Loeb.


Just, wow. It’s not hard to see how something like that would inspire lust and covetousness in any would-be Master of the Universe. But if he can tear himself away from the view, Loeb might want to take another look at those walls, especiallly since the art on them is probably worth more than the apartment:

One owner I spoke with was less than thrilled when she discovered that the walls are made of plasterboard, which was most definitely not the way the walls were made at 740 Park Avenue, and that some of the light switches and electrical plates didn’t line up as they should.

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