The JPM Ground Zero Tower: Beer Belly, or Modern Herm?

Steve Cuozzo isn’t pulling any punches today: he says that the skyscraper JP

Morgan is proposing to build at Ground Zero is "hideous",

and he’s not wrong. Curbed

has a bigger version of the rendering, which really does look atrocious.

There has to be a good chance that an abomination such as this will never be

allowed to be built, especially at such a sensitive site. But assuming it is,

will Cuozzo’s "beer belly" moniker stick? If you ask me, there’s a

more suitable visual metaphor for this building and its cantilevered trading

floors filled with the Big Swinging Dicks of Wall Street. I wonder if any of

the classicists at Kohn Pederson Fox have ever come across the ancient fertility

statues known as Herms?

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