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I got one, thanks largely to a wonderful birthday cheque from my grandmother. And it really is a thing of beauty. And I’m not going to repeat what everybody else has said. But I will say that the email functionality … Continue reading

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Why Murdoch Can Make Money On His Dow Jones Investment

It’s a bit embarrassing, but true, that the 76-year-old Murdoch has a longer time horizon than a public company which will almost certainly exist in some form for many generations yet.
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Bloomberg Plays Gotcha with S&P

Bloomberg’s Mark Pittman isn’t hedging his bets in a story
headlined "S&P,
Moody’s Mask $200 Billion of Subprime Bond Risk
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Diary of a Defenestration

June 27: "Bear
Stearns’ Asset Management Chief Takes Charge in Fund Crisis
is the headline as Rich Marin rides to the rescue of his company’s
embattled hedge funds.
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Why Margin Calls Need Not Destroy the CDO Market

Epicurean Dealmaker
explains why I’m a bit too sanguine about the prospects
for the CDO market: it all comes down to margin calls.
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What Jimmy Cayne Eats For Breakfast

Red wine for breakfast.
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Bear’s Funds’ Problems: Not All That Big

The more we learn about what happened at Bear Stearns, the more overblown all the worries seem to have been.
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iPhone to Support Wifi Calling

Apple and AT&T are OK with wi-fi based calling, which will be a godsend to people who travel or call a lot internationally.
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I was “exblogmunicated” by Instapundit Glenn Reynolds in 2006, when he linked to me without linking to me. Now he’s done it again, but if anything even more egregiously. If I’m on some kind of blacklist, I want to know!

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Harvard-Yale Competition

Do Harvard and Yale compete for the best students? Greg Mankiw
certainly thinks
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