What Jimmy Cayne Eats For Breakfast

What does Jimmy Cayne, the CEO of Bear Stearns, eat for breakfast? Underperforming

bond traders, for sure. Maybe the occasional investment banker or prime broker.

Conceivably the head of syndiate for Canadian equities. (There isn’t

a head of syndicate for Canadian equities? Ah! You just proved my point!)

But what does Jimmy Cayne, the CEO of Bear Stearns, literally eat

for breakfast? We don’t know, actually, but, thanks to Landon

Thomas, we know what he used to eat for breakfast, until he

went on a diet recently:

Mr. Cayne shows no signs of slowing. He has cut out red wine, bacon and salmon

for breakfast and the late-night deliveries from Bobby Van’s steakhouse

as part of a regimen to lose weight.

Yep, red wine for breakfast. The man is a true champion. And I’m sure it wasn’t

some wimpy Burgundy, either: I’m envisioning rather a meaty Barolo, or perhaps

a dark and smoky California Cabernet like Araujo. I’m sure it would overpower

the salmon, but since he was undoubtedly smoking a Montecristo at the same time,

he wasn’t even noticing the salmon in any case.

As for what Cayne eats for breakfast now? My money’s on $50

crab claws. One can’t let private-equity upstarts get the better of one.

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