Lloyd Blankfein, Man of the People

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein came

out as a Democrat today, aligning himself with Robert Rubin

and Jon Corzine rather than with Hank Paulson.

I guess that means he’s now an automatic front-runner for Treasury Secretary

in any Clinton or Obama administration. But in the mean time, what does being

a Democrat mean in practice, as CEO of Goldman Sachs? Evidently, it means being

receptive to the bright ideas of all

your staff, no matter how lowly:

Goldman Sachs sponsors workshops at more than 50 schools giving advice on

resume writing and how to behave in the workplace. (Sample: Always have a

short pitch prepared about your current project, so that you can deliver it

if you ride the elevator with the CEO.)

Remember this, O Goldman interns, next time you find yourself in an elevator

with the big (well, actually quite little) man. That old cliché, the

elevator pitch, is not only accepted but positively encouraged! Now all you

need to do is ensure you share the same elevator bank as him. The rest, surely,

is kismet.

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