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Sharon Waxman shames the New York Times

The New York Times, in its efforts to transform itself into a truly national newspaper, has of late decided to beef up its coverage from the third most important city in the country, Los Angeles. LA has never had anything … Continue reading

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So close but so far away

(A quick note of explanation from Felix: sea ice has blown back towards Halley, and where it meets the sea ice which never detached itself in the first place, there’s a five-foot crack which precludes moving heavy equipment off the … Continue reading

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Selling Apples

There’s a lot of garbage written about Apple, but the cover story of the latest issue of Fast Company seems pretty fair, if unoriginal. (Innovation on its own doesn’t make money: who’d’a thunk?) The bit which piqued my interest was … Continue reading

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Before and After

Note from Felix: Due to email cock-ups, I received both these blogs at the same time. So here they are, Before and After. Before, Part 1: Arbritrary day, arbritrary time. I feel as though we are floating through a mirage. … Continue reading

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The Freedom Tower

The design for the Freedom Tower – the big signature building which is to rise at the northwest corner of the World Trade Center site – was unveiled with great pomp today. Grand speeches were given by George Pataki, Michael … Continue reading

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Distributed decision-making

I spent a chunk of this afternoon at Bush in 30 Seconds, a website from the people who brought you The purpose of the website is to find a 30-second ad which can then be run in Bush’s State … Continue reading

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Opera on the radio

Anthony Tommasini is on holiday; in his place yesterday (the "critic’s notebook" feature on the front page of the New York Times arts section), the Metropolitan Opera ran a 2,000-word fundraising drive under his byline. Or maybe he wrote it … Continue reading

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Ice-castles at Signy

This is fairy-tale romance country. Well, my kind of fairy-tale anyway. A long, long time away, in a land far, far ago, is an island. This island, Coronation Island, has mountans like you have never dreamed, snow covered, rearing out … Continue reading

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The Death of Klinghoffer at BAM

Last night was a sad day for New York classical music: it marked the departure of Robert Spano from this city, after eight years as music director of the Brooklyn Philharmonic. The fortunes of the two have diverged wildly: while … Continue reading

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“War”: What is it good for?

When I was growing up in London, I occasionally suffered a mild bout of cognitive disconnect when I heard words used for purposes which went slightly beyond my own ideas of what they referred to. For instance, when London Underground … Continue reading

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