Axios Capital: The Khan narrative

In this week’s newsletter:┬áLina Khan vs. big tech; a new future for Fannie and Freddie; the small-business boom; the failure of COVAX; and much more. It’s 1,755 words, a 6.5-minute read.

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  1. C W Yong says:

    I’ve just listened to the “Free Britney” episode. I agree with you that ideally rich countries should have been more generous with vaccine export to poorer countries. But allowing that without first ensuring your own population is sufficiently vaccinated is sure to be a vote loser in a democracy, especially an increasingly populist one. It will surely be pounced upon by the far right. The narrative of “no one is safe until everyone is safe,” which I agree with, is going to be a hard sell.
    That is probably why the only two countries who can do vaccine diplomacy before their own populations are highly vaccinated are authoritarian/dictatorial ones.

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