Axios Edge: The amorality of finance

The disconnect between economic and moral imperatives lies at the heart of the biggest issues facing America today, from the rising appeal of socialism to the question of how to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

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2 Responses to Axios Edge: The amorality of finance

  1. Peter Varhol says:

    Is it the American people who have made the decision to reopen the economy, or the politicians? I understand that may be a distinction without a difference. I also realize that there is a vocal minority of Americans who are objecting to certain aspects of lockdown, yet we count on the politicians to look to society as a whole. It’s clear that Maslow’s Hierarchy considers life more fundamental than wealth, so I wonder if society is being led off a cliff by politicians with their own motives.

  2. Iffi says:

    I must appreciate the way you have expressed your feelings through your blog!

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