Axios Edge: Trump indulges Wall Street

Donald Trump loves Wall Street shenanigans.

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1 Response to Axios Edge: Trump indulges Wall Street

  1. Peter Varhol says:

    Say what you will about Trump’s pardons (the worst being Rod Blagojevich, who had the audacity to compare himself to Nelson Mandela), and I will agree, but by /far/ the worst was Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich. If there was ever a criminal pardon, this was it, and we have conveniently forgotten about it.

    Boy Scouts of America. I was an Eagle Scout, Order of the Arrow, Opus Dei, just about any honor available, and I am ashamed. This (along with the Catholic dioceses, as you note), is just about the worst misuse of bankruptcy law possible.

    Thanks for the note on Susan Fowler. Being a crusader is a hard life, and it sounds like she is worthy of looking up to.

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