Axios Edge: Fake billionaires — Metal plastic — $34,000 wine

Fake billionaires, the decline of legacy brands, volatile homes, Deutsche’s woes, Facebook’s woes, metal plastic, the downside of summer break, and even some wine content. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Axios Edge: Fake billionaires — Metal plastic — $34,000 wine

  1. That is charming enlarge on in behalf of winning.

  2. Peter Varhol says:

    Re: Summer break and Brexit. Do you really see any other outcome? They have had two years, and an additional six months, and still can’t make a decision.

    I don’t understand the nuances of UK politics, and don’t understand how Johnson has ended up here. Years ago, I had someone berate me about how the UK had a clearly superior system of governance to the US. Granted, we don’t fully vote for our President (and granted, both head of government and head of state), but I don’t see any indication that the UK citizens as a whole have any say in this at all. Even after where the US is right now, is that at all defensible?

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