Axios Edge: Privatized identity — Oversubscribed IPOs — Inefficient technology

Who are you? And can you prove that, in today’s digital world?

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1 Response to Axios Edge: Privatized identity — Oversubscribed IPOs — Inefficient technology

  1. Peter Varhol says:

    Two comments. First, regarding identity, I am communicating with a professional colleague in Spain that I have never met. It’s 2AM her time (thank you, Francisco Franco), and she is still going strong. I remark that if she were really in Barcelona, she should be asleep by now. Her response: “Well, I can’t prove that I’m not a bot.” And of course, you can’t logically prove a negative.

    Or, Moody Blues, In the Beginning, “And now to suit our great computer, you’re magnetic tape.”

    Second, in my experience as a former coder, we didn’t try to make things faster, we tried to get things to work. However, today with multi-core and multithreaded processors, we have more tools at our disposal to make things faster. But these tend to be difficult to do, so the prevailing notion of scaling is to throw more virtual machines at the problem. This is much easier with cloud computing.

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