Why a conservative social network would fail

You can’t create a Fox News for social.

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1 Response to Why a conservative social network would fail

  1. Peter Varhol says:

    I don’t hang around social networks very much (LinkedIn yes, Twitter because it’s often a job requirement, definitely not Facebook or the photo thingies). But none of these are inherently political, let alone biased. The content is derived from the users. The decisions on whether to allow content is driven by the terms of service, not a political bias. In fact, Facebook et. al. are struggling between a more liberal posting policy, which ironically would allow more inflammatory content (of all types), or a more conservative policy, which just as ironically would prohibit much inflammatory content.

    My take? These sites offer their services for free, so they can exclude whoever they want. What they can’t reasonably do is incite hatred. Outright falsehoods should also be problematic, as they would turn off many prospective users. And yes, facts are, um, factual.

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