When Will It Be Safe to Undelete Uber?

It’s hard to turn a bad corporate culture into a good one.

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1 Response to When Will It Be Safe to Undelete Uber?

  1. Peter Varhol says:

    A few months ago I read a post on LinkedIn from a young lady who proclaimed, “I don’t care if Uber is a bad place to work. I just want cheap and convenient rides.” I would like to think that we are better than that, but I despair it being so.

    And, of course, those cheap rides are costing the company a billion or more a year. They will be cheap only until Uber has crushed any and all competition, and frankly I don’t see that happening. Too many alternatives are appearing out of the woodwork, even taxi companies who are deploying their own apps.

    And, of course again, Uber creates hundreds of thousands of independent contractor driver jobs, but even it acknowledges that is only until autonomous vehicles become a reality. Uber seems more like a house of wishing thinking than anything else.

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