Invest Good

Paul Tudor Jones and Goldman Sachs are launching a new, values-driven investment fund, and it makes a lot of sense.

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  1. Bill George says:

    Interesting, but did you look at the underlying holdings of the JUST ETF? JUST doesn’t do much social responsibility or sustainability screening, as it holds 5.6% in oil and gas (including Exxon in it’s top 10), and JUST also has substantial investments in the largest fossil fuel financiers, weapons manufacturing, gambling companies, and companies with serious corporate governance, legal liability, and consumer data abuse issues (like Wells Fargo, PG&E, and Facebook). It certainly helps to have Goldman along with a billionaire founder and media moguls on the board to get JUST off the ground to a big start, and I appreciate that JUST is helping further the narrative that corporate responsibility can generate better financial performance, but JUST isn’t something I’d personally feel good about holding. Right now I’d put JUST in the category of products that are more marketing than substance when you look at the actual holdings… For an ETF that’s much better on both sustainability and financial performance, check out the ETHO ETF from Etho Capital, which has been trading on NYSE Arca since 2015 and is doing substantially better than Russell 1000 (up >45% since launch, which is >12% better than Russell 1000):

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