Loser Journalists

In Elon Musk vs. reporters, the Tesla CEO is winning.

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One Response to Loser Journalists

  1. Peter Varhol says:

    Sigh. I have had a visceral dislike of Musk for years now, and he is just starting to prove my instincts correct. The funny thing is that attacking journalists is not going to fix Tesla. Of course, the real problem is that current popular sentiment has turned largely against legitimate journalism, for reasons I needn’t expound upon.

    Are journalists biased? Of course; they are human. Does that affect their reporting? Yes, to some extent it does. Does that mean that there is not a large measure of truth in what they print? Here is the rub. If you want truth, don’t seek those who have a stake in a particular truth. Seek rather honest, albeit flawed, journalism.

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