The Lost Masterpieces of Norman Rockwell Country

The story of the Berkshire Museum is more than one about a second-tier local institution selling off some art. It’s a story about how fragile museum-industry norms are, how unaccountable a museum director can be, and how much destruction can be wrought during a single secret trustee meeting.

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One Response to The Lost Masterpieces of Norman Rockwell Country

  1. Stephen Leon says:

    Excellent story. However, Berkshire County is hardly “conservative with a small c.” Voting patterns are not necessarily a perfect measure of this, but if you look at the last few elections, it’s the second-bluest county in the state. Anecdotally, I can tell you it has always had strong liberal undertones, enhanced significantly in the past 30 years or so by the influx of New Yorkers and artists.

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