How to bribe Trump’s White House

In a Trump White House full of gazillionaires, there are lots of holdings that can’t easily be valued, and that give mysterious Chinese companies lots of ways to transfer wealth into the pockets of the powerful.

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3 Responses to How to bribe Trump’s White House

  1. Moe Taylor says:

    Thanks for sharing the link, very interesting article, that everyone needs to read.

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  3. y2kurtus says:

    In exchange for what exactly? Trump has been verbally slamming China since the primaries? What are the rich “kleptocrats” if you like that term trying to buy exactly? If you’re going to say “influence” what specifically are they trying influence? Is Trump going to tell the 7th fleet to sail home? Just the opposite right? Trump wants the navy to have more billion dollar warships to sail around and provoke China no?

    I voted against Trump. I think his treatment of woman is revolting. I don’t think he knows the difference between lies and the truth. But when the left attacks him on all areas in all ways they only serve to make the battle for social progress an us vs them winner take all decision which slows things down.

    There is sooooo much room for easy compromises. Expand the earned income tax credit. Mandate a an annual minimum monthly social security increase of $50/month regardless of the wage inflation level. Launch a big public/private partnership to pay for needed infrastructure improvements or a public wireless broadband offering. Transform the department of education from a “mandate factory” into a national educational resource center with best in class material available for any district to use or not use. There are so many cheap, popular, impactful ideas out there it just doesn’t make sence to wage a 4 year war against the guy mostly because he’s a jerk. Was Bill Clinton a great guy? I don’t hear many people saying that. I do hear lots of people saying he got a few things done, kept us out of foreign wars, and presided over a pretty strong economy.

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